Identify what you want from life.

Make sense of your money.

Live your best life.

Align the two.

What do you need help with?

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Stuck? Unchallenged? Bored? 

You want to make a change but don't know where to start or whether you can afford it? 

Is a big life event approaching, like a career change, starting a family or retirement? Do you need help identifying what you want from this next phase and how it fits with your finances? 

Do you want to

Make your best life a reality?


Do you want to understand your finances better and feel empowered to take financial decisions? 


Are you confused by the financial services industry? Do you want help navigating through all the different options available?

Are you someone who has never paid much attention to their finances but feel it is time to take control? 

Do you want to

Make sense of your money?


Are you a financial adviser and would like to incorporate life planning into your offering?


Would you like to improve your engagement level with your clients and the impact you have on their lives? Would you like to enhance your communication skills?

Do you want to

Help your clients make their best lives a reality?

Meet Svenja 

Hi, I am Svenja. I am here to help you.

As an accredited Performance Coach, I know how to create an environment that allows you to think and define what the best life looks like for you. I will listen to you and challenge you without judgement.  

Living your best life can only become a reality if you align your finances with your life ambitions. Whether you want to do that or simply make sense of your money, my experience as a Chartered Financial Planner will help. I will inform and guide you so that you understand your finances and feel empowered to make decisions. 


What others think

Having felt like my career was starting to plateau (almost feeling lost), Svenja helped guide me to the next level. She created a safe space to speak openly about my concerns and aspirations. Svenja helped me focus on those things that would move the needle and made me accountable, ensuring I executed my plans.
Throughout my development in the last 18 months, Svenja's belief in me made me feel like I was capable of anything. Svenja would challenge my thinking by asking great questions. Even when I thought things we completed to a great standard, Svenja would challenge my thinking and open my brain up to ensure I get that extra 1%.

Svenja has helped me create habits that will sit with me for the rest of my life. I cannot thank Svenja enough for the things she has done, is doing and the path she has put me on.'

Ade, London

'Working with Svenja helped me understand what I really wanted from my financial future, realising when we wanted to retire and the type of lifestyle we wanted in later life.

I had always avoided doing proper planning as I felt it would be too hard but once we had the figures and plan in place I felt relieved as I could really understand what was happening and how I could affect that if I wanted to. 

Going through the process has really helped me gain clarity and has given me confidence in understanding my long term finances better.'

Wendy, Lichfield

'After trying several coaches, I really connected with Svenja and found her style to be very patient with just the right amout of challenge, particularly with limiting beliefs that I didn't realise I had. My coaching sessions helped me to implement a healthier work/life balance where I'm able to feel successful without burning out, and I'd definitely recommend working with her.'

Victoria, London

Working with SK Inspire

Our promise to you

  1. Everything we do is about you. We can tailor sessions to your needs. There is no one size fits all approach. 

  2. We can meet in person or via video call. Location is therefore not a limiting factor. 

  3. We are 100% unbiased and not tied to any product providers or trying to win your assets for SK Inspire.

  4. We charge per session. You can stop at any time. 


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What you should know

We don't provide regulated financial advice, which means we can't recommend, review or provide any advice in relation to specific financial products. If you do need this type of advice, we can help you find the right adviser for you. 

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