Coaching Courses for Advisers

Helping your clients make their best lives a reality

This service is aimed at Financial Advisers who would like to enhance their proposition. Coaching skills help advisers have more meaningful conversations with clients, in particular when identifying goals and understanding what is truly important to them. The course is delivered by Svenja who has worked as a Financial Planner for many years. She understands what it takes to provide regulated advice and she will be able to help you incorporate coaching into your existing offering. By enhancing the way you communicate with clients and prospects, you increase your chance of winning and retaining more business. 


  • You are a financial adviser - an individual, a team, or a company. 

  • You would like to incorporate life coaching into your client proposition. 

  • You would like to move away from a transactional business model to a more holistic approach. 

  • You would like to improve the way you / your team communicate with prospects and clients. 

  • You would like to understand what coaching is and practice coaching skills in a safe environment. 

  • You would would like to have more meaningful conversations with clients to enhance your offering and thereby win / retain more business.

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When - grey.png
  • If one of the statements under 'Who?' apply to you, the course will be relevant to you or your team now.

  • The course is split into three sessions and you will need time in between to practice. We can work with you and your business to fit around your requirements. 

  • Coaching is a skill which needs to be embedded into your way of communicating over time.

  • We can offer a follow up session after about six months to ensure coaching skills and techniques are becoming part of your business as usual. 


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  • We can tailor the course to suit your business and advice process. 

  • The following elements will form part of the overall course: 

    1. Coaching principles

    2. Listening and questioning techniques

    3. Emotional intelligence

    4. Setting goals

    5. Practical applications (e.g. dealing with objections, client conversations)

    6. Plenty of skills practice


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  • Consumer driven change to the industry - clients want more than just a financial transaction, they want purpose and meaning, they want to see how their money impacts their lives. 

  • More meaningful meetings and better communication with clients. 

  • An overall better client experience which means wining / retaining more business. 

  • Making a difference to clients' live will also give you and your team more purpose in your jobs.