Financial Coaching Only

Making sense of your money

This service aims to leave you feeling in control of your finances. We will inform, guide and coach you so that you can create your own financial plan. Financial Coaching is different from traditional financial advice. We will not focus on specific products but rather work on your money mindset, your financial goals and your overall strategy. 


  • You are a private individual, couple or small business owner. 

  • You want to understand your finances. 

  • You have never really paid much attention to your finances but feel that you should take control. 

  • You would like to set yourself some targets but don't know how to go about it. 

  • You want to make more informed decisions about the options available in the financial services market. 

  • You can't or don't want to access traditional financial advice. 

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When - green.png
  • You have to start at some point - this could be at any time. 

  • It is never too late or too early to start thinking about your finances.

  • If any of the statements under 'Who?' resonate with you, you may need financial coaching now

  • Once you have decided on your overall strategy, you may want to review it at a regular basis, for example every one, two or three years.  

  • You may also want to consider your financial plan when your circumstances change.

  • As Financial Coaching leaves you in control, whether and to what extent you review your position, depends on you and your requirements. 


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  • The process is different for each individual as it depends on your circumstances, your existing financial arrangements, your understanding of and attitude towards money and how much time and resource you have available for this work. 

  • The following elements will form part of your sessions: 

    1. We will explore your attitude towards money. 

    2. We will take stock of your current financial situation and any existing financial plans or goals. 

    3. We will identify targets and goals that fit into your wider life. 

    4. We will provide you with the relevant information to create your own financial plan. 

    5. We will work on your money mindset to help you follow through with your plan on a sustainable basis and achieve your goals.  


Why - green.png
  • An improved money mindset that will help you achieve your financial goals on a long-term and sustainable basis. 

  • Feeling in control of your finances. 

  • Avoiding the 'head in the sand' approach. 

  • Making informed decisions. 

  • Positive attitude towards money. 

  • Feeling good about your financial plan.