' I wanted to find an accessible and affordable way to help people with their money. And I wanted to ensure that more people align their finances with what they really want from life as money on its own is meaningless. This is how SK Inspire started...'

Svenja Keller, Founder of SK Inspire

Our Approach at SK Inspire

  • At SK Inspire, we believe in you. We know that you have all the answers within you. By providing you with the right environment to think well and some information (on finances and money), we will help you find these answers and live your best life. 

  • The more open you are about your ambitions, feelings and limiting beliefs, the better the outcome will be for you. We promise that there will be no judgement from us about anything you say. 

  • We believe that you think better in a positive and encouraging environment. We will always treat you with kindness and respect

  • We will offer constructive challenge when appropriate but only to the point that it is comfortable for you. 


Svenja's Experience and Qualifications


20 years in financial services

  • Svenja started her career in financial services in 2001 as a banking apprentice in a large German retail bank. 

  • Since then, she has worked in small and large financial institutions in retail banking, investment banking, financial advice and wealth management, mainly in the UK. 

  • As a consequence, Svenja has a deep understanding of the global financial system, financial markets and UK wealth management. 

Chartered Financial Planner

  • Svenja has worked in financial planning in the UK since 2008, building financial plans for private individuals and business owners. 

  • She qualified in 2009 and became Chartered in 2012. 

  • Svenja's approach as a financial planner is to create a strategy around clients' objectives first. Once the big picture planning has been done, she will spend time on the details - tax efficiency, existing policies, new products and investments that suit the plan.

Accredited Coach

  • Svenja qualified as a Performance Coach in 2020 and she is training to become a 'Thinking Partnership' Coach.  

  • She has used coaching techniques with clients, team members and colleagues for many years. 

  • Svenja has also successfully delivered in-house training courses on coaching to line managers and financial planners. 


  • Svenja has managed people and led teams for many years. In her last employed role, Svenja led a team of over 50 individuals. 

  • Her leadership style is inclusive, and incorporates many coaching and mentoring techniques. 

  • Svenja has a great eye for identifying people's strengths and deploying these in the most satisfactory way for the individuals with productive outcomes for the business. 

International and Life Experience

  • Svenja has worked, studied and lived in a wide variety of countries, including Germany, the UK, the US, Lithuania, Laos, Australia and Switzerland. 

  • Her international experience and natural curiosity about different cultures has taught her to be open about different view points. 

  • Svenja leads by example - she regularly identifies what's important to her in her life and re-aligns her finances to make her best life a reality. Her most recent life change has been giving up a senior role to start her own business.